• 01. What is "CAST Foundation - Helping Lives"?
  • CAST Foundation is a registered non profit organization aimed at helping the needy, caring for the elderly old, trying for the betterment of orphaned & impoverished children through Virtual Adoptions or Sponsorships, helping the talented unlucky, the unhealthy and accident effected, conducting various activities like the blood donation and eye donation camps. Started by a group of friends, it has now spread its wings across 3 continents.

  • 02. Who benefits from CAST Foundation?
  • There is no particular sect or group of people which aids from our organization. We prioritize according to the severity of the tasks. We are not biased to any CASTe, creed, sex, region or religion.

  • 03. What are the main focuses of CAST Foundation?
  • Helping the needy and the bereft elderly, the orphaned and impoverished children and those who are seeking an opportunity to prove themselves, the unhealthy and the accident wrath are our main concerns besides our voluntary activities like eye and blood donation camps.

  • 04. Why another organization and why should everyone contribute to this organization?
  • Despite the good work done by various charitable and social work organizations, many problems, still do exist, as we are a country of more than one billion people. We, as a group, endeavor to address some of these problems and obstacles to help lives in a way we can.

  • 05. How can I contribute?
  • There are many ways by which one could contribute:

    1. Collect money at your home, your neighborhood and friends (of friends) and donate it to CAST Foundation. Charity begins at home!!!
    2. Sponsor one or any of the projects listed on the website or help CAST Foundation obtain sponsorships.
    3. Volunteer for our events.
    4. Make us aware about new deserving cases.
    5. Help co-ordinate our projects by giving valuable suggestions about more efficient ways to help.

    Remember, once you join us with an intention to help, it is your organization and you are responsible too.

  • 06. How can I volunteer?
  • There are various volunteering options:

    1. A volunteer should feel himself responsible for increasing the potential reach of the organization by introducing new like-minded individuals and groups
    2. One could also volunteer by helping collect funds for the projects by inspiring people to help.
    3. Meeting or contacting the victim/concerned people to verify the severity and the veraciousness of the case is one other role assigned to an active volunteer.
    4. CAST Foundation organizes many camps like blood and eye donation camps at many places all over India. You could volunteer for such activities when organized at a place near you.
    5. A volunteer could help identify deserving projects, finding out efficient ways to solve them, suggesting or commenting on the present work etc.,
    6. A volunteer, being an integral part of the group, should strive to achieve the goals of the organization by actively motivating the members and also by inspiring the non-members to lend their helping hand, be it a word of mouth.

  • 07. How safe is my contribution?
  • CAST Foundation undertakes a task only after it finds about the veracity and severity of the case by meeting the concerned people in person and authenticating the details. For every task undertaken, it demands to have a valid proof that the donation from the organization has been put to good use. This helps us to maintain our records from time to time. We would see to it that you get a copy of the same, if you are involved in that particular task. Besides, we endeavor to provide you the progress of the person after the task has been accomplished which remains a prioritized responsibility.

  • 08. How can I join or contact this group?
  • If you are interested to work with us you are most welcome to join our group at:


    Visit us on orkut at:


    Or contact us at CASTfoundation@gmail.com